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We developed Learn Anything back in 2009 with the amazing Nick Kuh on keyboards. We are currently updating the program for iOS7.
Many actors, musicians, poets, medical students, lawyers etc. use Learn Anything to memorise information rapidly.

“Learn Anything” was recently the No 1. “Education” app in Sweden!

Homework, vocabulary, medical terms, plays, law statutes, poems, exam topics, bird calls, maths, song lyrics, plumbing, faces, famous paintings, jokes, scriptures, historical figures, first aid, plays, presentations, how to make great cocktails, dates and names… 

“Learn Anything” is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to learn by heart: students, teachers, public speakers, singers, lawyers, actors, polyglots & poets…

Designed in collaboration with a leading UK education expert, “Learn Anything” brings the ancient memory techniques of our ancestors to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


“Learn Anything” helps you create, learn, and share “Learning Loops”. To start, click “New Loop” and record whatever you want to learn, then add text and photos to create your own personal multimedia learning lab. Be creative, as this is a KEY FACTOR in learning by heart.


The central memorization technique used by “Learn Anything” is sometimes known as “Spiral Learning”, and has been used for thousands of years to pass on knowledge in oral traditions such as story-telling and music.

Traditional methods of oral repetition, revision and recall allied with modern concepts of audio looping and memory association (linking a series of images in a highly imaginative and personal way), will help you learn faster, more, and more successfully, than ever before.

By concentrating on small pieces, then gradually looping longer sections, you will be amazed how fast you can learn even long texts, songs or poems that you previously thought impossible to remember. 


A central feature is the ability to share your Learning Loops with other users, and download loops made by other users worldwide. The loops that you create and share may help others across the globe to achieve their learning goals.

Learn Anything is easy to use and makes learning fun and easy for teachers and students of any age, in any subject: 

  • Create Learning Loops in just a few clicks
  • Harness the power of association by adding photos to each phrase 
  • Share & download Learning Loops in the “Loop Library” 
  • Use simple gestures for fast-forward, rewind, or looping
  • “Auto” and “Manual” recording mode for easy recording of long texts. 
  • Edit any Learning Loop
  • Rate Loops
  • Bookmark your favorite Loops

Medical Benefits: 

Learning new stuff keeps us young… so we should do all we can to keep our mind active and memory healthy for as long as possible.

Scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of memorization software such as “Learn Anything” for Alzheimer sufferers and carers.

The free version is fully functional – but limits the number of learning loops you can keep on your iPhone/iPad, and displays discrete ads on some pages.

Message: Hi, I am Mink Kim from South Korea.

I was delighted to find this app “Learn Anything” on itunes! It was exactly what I wanted! I study interpretation between English and Korean, and in order to interprete I need to memorize lots of things. So this app is really helpful. Thanks for developing the app.

However, I wonder if you have any plans to lauch Lean Anything app for iPad in the near future. IPhone version is too small for me to use. If you make it an universal app, I’d appreciate it so much!

Again, thanks for the app. And hope to hear some news about the universal app! 🙂

—Mink Kim

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