Website for BodhiZen

Bodhizen is possibly the best place to eat sushi on the French Riviera, in addition to providing amazing cookery lessons, authentic Japanese massage and Qi Gong. They wanted a clean and peaceful website to showcase the fantastic food and relaxing atmosphere of this unique space, and were already familiar with Joomla, so we selected a stylish Joomla template that matched the colour scheme of their existing flyers and business cards.

We chose a basic OVH package to host the site as a good compromise between performance and price, and set up a limited backend account for Wilfrid and Etsuko so they can keep the content up to date and inform visitors about forthcoming events without risk to the website.

Dix mille fois merci! Pour ses services de webmaster depuis de nombreux années, Neil sait qu’il est le bienvenue pour manger nos Sushis quand il le souhaite.


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