GCalToolkit Calendar Duplicate Removal

GCalToolkit est notre propre logiciel de gestion et maintenance calendriers Google pour Windows, OS X et Linux, développé avec .NET et JAVA.

Avec plus de 2000 utilisateurs GCalToolkit prend de plus en plus d’ampleur chaque année.  GCalToolkit utilise les derniers API de Google et le protocol OAUTH 2.0 afin que l’utilisation soit  à la fois agréable et bien sécurisée.


I won’t get into how I got so many duplicates, but without this product I’d be manually deleting until I died. When I found some internet mentions of this software I initially thought it sounded too good to be true, but the price was so low I had to try it. After initially trying the free demo (500 deletes) I saw the potential and bought it. Probably due to the sheer size of my problem I had a little difficulty loading my calendar so emailed the developer. Within a few minutes I received his first response “You now hold the absolute record for the largest number of duplicates I have
ever seen… “…lol….dubious honor indeed. Neil promptly answered the few questions I had, made some suggestions, and even OFFERED TO DO IT FOR ME. CAN YOU SAY CUSTOMER SERVICE? Still, wanting to attempt myself I ran the software yesterday and last night and this morning, VOILA, no dupes….NONE!

Simply put, this product works and saved me hundreds of hours. Can’t say enough about it or Neil


Absolutely NONE


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